Lighting Design & Simulation Services

Lighting SimulationThe DIALux Lighting Design Software is one of the outstanding technologies used for simulating lighting solutions in different buildings and environment – indoor and outdoor surroundings.  Future Plastik’s professional and experienced team provides design and consultation services to guide clients and provide the best lighting solution in its appropriate setting.

The DIALux Lighting Report is acknowledged to be the best prototyping method to communicate with our clients to comprehend the details related to lighting specifications and requirements in new-building or lighting renovation projects.


Architectural Lighting Design 

Lighting SimulationFuture Plastik provides a wide range of guidance and consultancy services covering all aspects of the lighting environment. Our Team is specialized in the design, simulation and analysis of both provided daylight and requested artificial lighting. We provide consultancy to our clients mainly in the construction industry as part of our lighting simulation services; advertisement boards, sport stadiums, exhibition halls, museums, galleries aiding in the design of the visual environment.

Lighting SimulationFuture Plastik also provides assistance with planning related arrangement of the lamps and light sources as part of our service, analysing the impact of lighting upon the manufacturing zones and personnel, whilst precisely designing the lighting schemes to ensure minimal impact upon any sensitive areas and receptors.

In addition, our Team also provides a full range of architectural lighting design service, starting from initial concept ideas through to detailed design; wiring and control schematics, implementation plan, programming, and commissioning supervision.

Future Plastik provides full range lighting simulation and design services using The DIALux Lighting Design Software starting from initial concept to detailed planning; selection of appropriate LED luminaries, wiring and control schematics, implementation and commissioning.

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