» About the Factory

We started LED light production in Szerencs, a small town in eastern Hungary in a newly built 1000 m2 assembly hall. The planning and making the overall design involved experts from fields of lighting production, this way the adequate circumstances and requirements can be ensured.

Before starting the production, our experts conducted large scale research and development to bring outstanding quality products to the market. With our domesticly produced LEDs we can satisfy the needs of the industrial, residental, commercial segment’s demands with high reliability, low energy consumption and excellent product life.

Because of our aspirations towards self-supplying has just got into it’s initial stage, currently we are limitied to third party suppliers. Our partners were carefully selected based mainly on the quality of the product they supply. We are proud of the fact that almost all of our partners have Hungarian background with the only exception of the LED diode supplier. Our most important goal was to estabilish a user friendly supply chain, where the customer always aware of the capabilities and the environmental impacts of the product he is about to purchase. We have the technical capabilities to measure the crucial paramateres of the products such as user life, luminous flux, beam angle etc. We belive that our unique services contribute to the developement of a more customer firendly environment in the Hungarian lighting market.

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