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Our team of professionals has a wide range of experience in manufacturing LED light sources and retrofitting traditional ones with the latest technology. Supported with a newly established production background we started developing our own products.

Our goal here was to create a premium quality, nationally produced lamp fitting, which perfectly satisfies lighting needs of households, or of any industrial plant, institution, public premise, office building, or even sports hall and which gains with its maximal reliability, low consumption and outstanding lifetime performance the entitled position for LED technology within the lighting industry.

The outcome of the long development period is HUNLED lighting product line. The light is provided through LED, produced with the most advanced technical content, the guaranteed long lifetime (min. 50.000 hours of operation) is ensured through the cooling of the LED with the help of extra sized heat sinks profile.

The assembly and quality control is being carried out in Hungary at Szerencs, so arising out of our expertise and attentive work we can guarantee the reliability of our products.

Our Mission

Future Plastik holds an upstream supply position within the international LED manufacturing industry, and possesses an experienced wholesale and supply-chain management team. Future Plastik combines premium OEM services, guaranteed product quality performance and streamlined supply-chain operations to ensure precise delivery on time worldwide.

Our mission is to offer and provide our potential customers worldwide with the advantages of the energy-efficient LED illumination solutions, and enable them to benefit and participate in the world lighting revolution provided by the technological breakthrough of the ecologically sustainable LED technology.

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